Sunday, 25 February 2018

Falling Petals' 5th Birthday + Fave Posts

Today is Falling Petals' 5th birthday. Wow, can't believe it's been 5 years! I started this blog on 25th February 2014. You can read the first post here:

As I said in the first post, the name inspiration came from Liza Dalby's book The Tale of Murasaki which I was re-reading at the time, about the real life Japanese author, poet and lady in waiting Murasaki Shikibu who wrote The Tale of Genji.(I actually just finished reading the book again). One of her poetry subjects was the seasons, e.g. the cherry blossoms in spring. She also observed seasonal changes like I do on my other blog The Seasonal Life.

On my About page I mentioned how when I first started FP I planned to have a more spiritual/philosophical type blog (compared to Star Sparkle Blog, the only one I had at the time which is about entertainment) but I was unsure exactly which direction it would end up in. I started writing more about self help/personal development, the Law of Attraction (LOA) and spiritual concepts, and then in 2016 I decided to make it a resource where you can find lots of information about self help/personal development, LOA and related subjects. I'm continuing to build up my Resources and Helpful Articles pages. (You can find them any time on the sidebar to the right of the blog). Although I post less often here than my other blogs- once or twice a month on average- I try my best to provide helpful content. :) Blogging here has helped me to express myself and work through things and I hope my post can help others too.

In celebration of FP's birthday here are the most popular posts and my favourites so far. (I've listed the popular ones by the most views).

Most Popular/Viewed Posts

Top 10 Self Help and Personal Development Blogs and Sites:

Raising Your Vibration (Or Feeling Better):

Law of Attraction:

What Is Possible? (LOA)

Romantic Love (part of The Love Project series):

My Favourites


Manifestation Methods:

Dealing with Manifesting Fears:

 Manifesting and Resistance:

Beliefs and Believing:

Manifestation Story:

Acting As If:

Pinterest as an LOA Tool:


Design Your Universe- Part 1:

Design Your Universe- Part 2:

Self Help/Spiritual

Meditation Alternatives: 


Spiritual Tools and Practices:

My Spiritual and Magic Resources:


Anxiety Resources:

Healing Mind and Body:

Healing Health Anxiety- Part 1:

Healing Health Anxiety- Part 2:

The Love Project series

Note: Not all posts are listed, click on the Love Project label at the top of the blog, or on an individual post to see them all. :)


Self Love:

Self Love/ Romantic Love:

Romantic Love:

Self Love/Romantic Love:



Another Romantic Love one:

Romantic relationships and anxiety:

Feeling Your Emotions series

Only 2 so far.


Anger (Part 1):

That's it! Whether you've been reading this blog for a while, visit occasionally or have just found it, thank you. I hope it's been useful to you in some way. I plan to continue exploring self help and spiritual type subjects here. :)

Photo: Blossom trees in Hove Park. Moonsparkle 2016, 2018.

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