Sunday, 15 February 2015

Alternatives To Meditation

Meditation is often suggested as a good way to spiritually advance. However what if you're just not that into it? I'm not keen on it myself and I know that some others aren't either. Some people have the viewpoint that meditation is the only way to grow spiritually. I'm more inclined to take the viewpoint that there are many ways to grow and learn, especially if you follow the Law of Attraction, which is all about feeling good.

Sometimes I have found meditation helpful, like when I did the May Cause Miracles program last year. That was one of the times when I first felt it "working". If you'd like more info about meditation and how to meditate, visit this post:

But if you'd like to try something different, here are some alternatives. :)


If you're into music (like I am) then you may find it helpful to listen to relaxing music. It could be different types like instrumental, chanting, gentle lyrics etc. Or just anything you like. I find some pop and R'n'B songs relaxing.

A piece of music I really like is Dance of Autumn Lights by Ivo Sedlacek. He is a Czech violinist and his pieces of music are quite long, around 15 minutes, so you can just relax while listening to them.  Dance of Autumn Lights sometimes puts me in a kind of meditative state. You can listen to it here: Ivo Sedlack- Dance of Autumn Lights

Here's another nice piece by Ivo called Colour of the Leaves:

Update 25/11/18: Video is now unavailable.

Note: I just saw on Ivo's website that his music is listed under meditation. :)

Another piece of music that I like is Raga Shivranjani played by Prasad Bhandarker on the Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). It's really beautiful. :) Listen here: Raga Shivranjani on Bansuri

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Gratitude List

Things I'm grateful for:

Sunny days during winter
Chocolate popcorn
The PS3 game Heavy Rain- I re-played it recently
Easter chocolate in the shops already!
My new top
McDonald's breakfasts
Saved By The Bell being back on
Imbolg tomorrow