Sunday, 10 April 2016

Gratitude List

Things I'm grateful for this month:

Leftover Easter chocolate!
The weather lightening up a bit
The Magic book by Rhonda Byrne- I got it for my birthday last month and I'm working through it now.
Maximiles rewards- I just bought a £25 iTunes voucher with my points.
McDonald's caramel iced frappes- I normally have mocha but have had a couple of caramels recently for a change!
Writing letters/penpalling
Listening to more new music
Getting lifts with friends

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Acting As If (LOA)

What does it mean to "act as if"? It's a phrase you hear a lot if you follow the Law of Attraction aka LOA. My understanding of it that is when you want to manifest something you act as if it's already in your life, as if it's happening now and eventually your vibration will change and it will show up in your life for real.  Here are a few posts on the concept:

Also here's a good post from Melody Fletcher on Deliberate Receiving about it, although Melody suggests that you "feel as if" you have you want because what you're really after is a feeling:

As Kelli Cooper recently wrote in this blog post on Life Made To Order, sometimes you've been studying things for a while and then you have moments where you find that they sink in more, you understand them on another level. I felt this with the "acting as if" concept a few months ago when I bought the perfume I wanted. I did a post about it which you can read here: