Sunday, 18 January 2015

What is possible? (LOA)

Note: In this post I'm referring to the Law of Attraction aka LOA. For a background on LOA click here. :)

I've been thinking lately about manifesting and believing things are possible. I think that when you're trying to manifest something, so much of it is about believing that it's really possible and that things can change. You might find it easy to manifest "small" things e.g. a cup of coffee, a feather, a certain type of bird etc. but with the "big" things (a relationship, new job, baby, new house etc) you feel stuck and find it harder. According to the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne you can manifest bigger things just as easily as smaller ones. Maybe you can if you have no resistance at all but I think the problem is limiting beliefs. (A limiting belief is a belief that you have about yourself or the world that holds you back, "limits" what you think you can do, have or be). If you believe that you "can't" have something or aren't "supposed" to have it (or even want it) then obviously that will get in the way. Here are a few good resources on limiting beliefs:


Update 19/8/21: I have updated links and added a Melody Fletcher one, since I can't find the first article anymore.

I'm working on discovering my limiting beliefs (for example believing that I'm not as worthy as others or that I'm a defective person) and releasing them. There are many ways for you to do that, such as writing down beliefs you have about yourself, where they came from and why you believe them (it may not be easy to find out why straight away), meditation, visualisation, working with a therapist (psychological, spiritual or whatever fits you) and just noticing how you feel on the subject of certain things (e.g. you may feel jealous around couples in loving relationships because you believe you can never have a relationship like they do, or it upsets you to watch singers on TV because you don't think you could ever live your dream like that).

I thought I would share a couple of links to posts I've come across recently on miracles and believing things are possible.

First here's a post on Live A Life You Love answering the question "Is anything impossible to create?":

And then a post on Facets of Joy about believing in possibility:

Also here is another Facets of Joy older post that I've found helpful. It's about feeling stuck, like you've "hit a wall":

The more I study LOA the more I understand that it's about shifting your mindset and getting to a place where you feel that you can really create the things you want and that they will feel right for you once you have them. It's taken a while for that message to sink in for me. I think it's about being ready to "hold" the things you want once you get them. In the first place I found the idea of "feeling like you already have the thing you want" and getting to the "feeling place" hard to understand but I'm getting it a bit more now.

These are just some thoughts I've been having lately. I hope you find the post and the links helpful in shifting your limiting beliefs and starting to believe in possibility. Good luck with whatever you're manifesting! :)

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