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I've been into self help since I was a teenager. It started because I had depression and OCD (then later anxiety) and I wanted to help myself feel better. Over the years I got more into self help/personal development and also into the Law of Attraction (LOA).

I really enjoy reading new things and learning new information and I've read a lot of things over the years. At the beginning of the year I created a Resources page listing some of my favourite books and blogs.  (Click the link on Resources or see the link on the right of the blog). I also thought it would be good to put together a collection of helpful articles and blog posts (like a library of links), so I can have them all in one place and hopefully they will help others too. So here it is. :) I've organised it into categories.

I'll update this as I find new links. :)


My Pinterest Abundance board:


Suzanne Heyn's chakra series:


My post on healing your mind and body:

Discovering your "core wound":


Letting go of upsetting thoughts:

For when you feel stuck:

My post series on healing health anxiety:

Post on healing shame:

Healing for everyday:

Info on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka tapping:


My post: (Aimed at women but has tips everyone can use!)

 Vision boards:

My post:


Lots of information on being a witch:

Mental Health

Site all about rethinking the stigma of mental illness:

If you're considering suicide:

List of mental health resources:

Another list of mental health resources:

Self Help/Personal Development

My post on judgement:

Design a life you love:

Great post on changing your life:

Self  Love/Self Worth


Celestine Chua's soulmate journey:

My Pinterest Soulmate board:


Post on self acceptance and the positivity movement:

Post on spiritual beliefs and whether you should release them:

Created: July 2016. Updated: June 2018.

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