Thursday, 23 May 2013

Top 10 Self Help/Personal Development Blogs and Sites

I became interested in self help a few years ago. I originally started off looking for self help for depression but after searching on the internet, I came across all kinds of things and started to read personal development websites and blogs too. I don't think Self Help and Personal Development are always quite the same thing. They're both about helping yourself but personal development seems to be more about improving yourself and actively working on goals rather than just looking for tips on coping with depression, anxiety, physical illness or conditions etc. I was originally going to include both on here but then realised I had more personal development type sites on the list so I will probably do a separate post on self help for mental health later.

1. Personal Excellence (Formerly The Personal Excellence Blog)

This blog is run by Celestine Chua from Singapore and its purpose is to help people "achieve their highest potential and live their best life". It contains articles on a variety of subjects including achieving goals, better time management, dealing with difficult people and how to find your life purpose. There are also tips on how to life the best life for you and living a healthy life. Celes also runs challenges such as Live a Better Life in 30 Days (30DLBL)  and 21-Day Journalling Challenge (21DJC). I took part in both of them and enjoyed them. Personal Excellence has an active community forum and you're encouraged to take part but if (like me) you prefer taking part in challenges privately or you'd rather just read the articles, there's still plenty you can get out of the site, including free e-books and a newsletter.