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Pinterest as an LOA Tool

A quick note about this post: I got the idea for it over a month ago and started it but hadn't got very far. I thought maybe it was a bit of a weird idea comparing Pinterest to LOA and maybe I should write about something else. I think I just have a lot of self doubt and thought it might not be a good idea for a post. But then the other day I came across this post which is a similar idea but with Instagram:

So I thought I might as well go ahead and write this post! lol. I haven't read the other one properly yet because I want to just write my own ideas first. :) I'm referring to the Law of Attraction aka LOA, which you can read more about here:

I'm a fan of Pinterest. If you haven't heard of it, it's a website where you "pin" pictures/images to boards you create. You can add them from other sites, upload your own or search for them on Pinterest itself and then add them to your boards. E.g. You could create a board of places you want to visit, recipes you'd like to make or your favourite films, music etc. It's also good for inspirational quotes and pictures. It can be very addictive! The site is described as "the world's catalog/ue of ideas". It's also classed as a social network because you follow other users and can comment on their pins and message them personally.

I was thinking recently that Pinterest reminds me of descriptions of the Law of Attraction, how what you focus on expands. Because when you pin something it leads you to more boards on those themes and recommends pins for you. So If I pin about the reality show Teen Mom, I'll get more Teen Mom pins recommended to me on the site itself or by email (Pinterest tells me I may like these pins based on a board I've created). So the more I pin, the more similar things it brings in!

Following others is another way that you find stuff you like. Their pins start showing up in your feed and so you have more to pin on the subjects you're interested in.

In the book Deliberate Receiving by Melody Fletcher who runs, she uses Amazon as an analogy for the Law of Attraction.* She says that when you order from Amazon you expect to receive what you ordered, you don't think that you won't get the book or CD you want because you aren't "good enough". But that's what we do with our dreams, we think we don't deserve them. Melody also mentions the search filters on Amazon and how your limiting beliefs can be filters. In the case of searching on Amazon, you can always expand your search. For more on the subject I recommend reading her book. :)

*Update 18/2/19: Now

Amazon does a similar thing to Pinterest where it recommends items to you based on your browsing history. I've found that whether you believe in LOA or not, it is true that what you focus on you notice more. I have health anxiety and if I'm worrying about a symptom I keep noticing it. But sometimes if I take my focus off it, I don't notice it as much and it might go away. (Anxiety can actually cause a lot of physical symptoms).

Back to Pinterest- if you're into LOA the site is a good tool for manifesting. Below I'll list some things you can use it for. :)

Vision Boards

Pinterest is a good resource for vision boards. If you prefer not to have a physical board then you can make one (or more) online. It's more convenient because it's easier to find pictures of what you want on the internet and to collect them all together. The other method is to cut them out of magazines and I have done this as well, since I have a Vision Pad (pad of paper) and a Vision Board which is a cork board. Of course you can print images off and then stick them on your physical board but if you don't have a working printer (like I don't currently) then Pinterest is a good alternative.

I have several vision type boards and a Wishes Fulfilled board where I post things off My Wishlist board when they come true. I don't have a lot on there at the moment but I hope to fill it up eventually! Here are the links:

In addition to those two I have a Life Creation board and individual ones for Miami and Hawaii.

Raising your vibration/feeling better

You can use Pinterest for raising your vibration by creating an inspiration board where you can pin inspiring pictures and quotes. I have two:


Inspiration 2:

Another idea is to make boards for healing and things that you find beautiful and soothing (landscapes, flowers, sunrises/sunsets, animals, pretty pictures etc. Check out a couple of my boards here:

LOA themed

Pinterest is a good place to collect Law of Attraction quotes and inspiration, then whenever you need to remind yourself of the principles or you need some encouragement, you can have a look at them. You can theme your boards too, e.g. have one for manifesting abundance and another for attracting love and relationships. You can view my LOA themed boards below.

LOA in general:



I hope that was helpful and gave you some ideas of using Pinterest to help manifest your desires. :) If you're on Pinterest, what do you use it for?

P.S. If you're a fan of Teen Mom I do have a Teen Mom board that you can follow! Find it here:

Update 28/7/16: I just found another post about using Pinterest for manifesting. I actually found the site through Pinterest! I'd pinned another post ages ago. Check it out here:

Photo: My Life Creation board. Copyright Moonsparkle 2016.

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