Sunday, 3 January 2016

Manifestation Story

I write about the Law of Attraction (LOA) on here and today I thought it would be nice to share a manifestation story as an example that it does work. :)

I like to go in Marks & Spencer (department store) sometimes and have a look around. There's a perfume they sell there called Rose Imaginaire by Roger & Gallet. I've liked it for ages but at £32 it was a bit expensive for me (also £32 felt like "too much" to spend on perfume). So whenever I went in there I would try on some from the sample bottle they had. Sometimes I would go in there just to try it on, lol.

Then just before Christmas I went into Marks to try some on again and there was a saleswoman who was selling the Roger & Gallet perfumes. I tried different samples and she gave me a sample of another one called Fleur de Figuier. I found out from her that they do smaller bottles for £17. (I think the smaller bottles were there before but I hadn't noticed them).  I'd received some money from a relative for Christmas, so a few days after talking to the saleswoman I went back and bought the smaller bottle of Rose Imaginaire for £17. :)

Here's a picture of the perfume:

I wanted to share this story because sometimes you can feel that a certain thing is "out of reach" and you won't be able to get it soon (or at all in some cases) but then you find that isn't as out of reach as you thought. I did also feel that way about a PS3 and a BlackBerry at one point, they felt like "too expensive items" that I couldn't get. But I was able to get them eventually. I think we have ideas of ourselves as a certain type of person who can't get some things. But when you start to look more closely at your thoughts and beliefs (especially those that limit you) you can start to shift things. For more on beliefs check out this post:

I've just finished doing the process of shifting a limiting Level One (Core) belief as suggested in Boni Lonnsburry's book The Map (the belief that I'm a defective person) so I'll see what shifts come from that. If you follow the post link above, I link to an article explaining the process.

Hope you enjoyed reading this story and maybe it will inspire someone or help them to feel a bit better. :)

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