Monday, 1 September 2014

Manifestation Methods

Yellow Mini! :)

I've had a couple of discussions about Law of Attraction/manifestation methods over the last few months, about which are the most effective. There are quite a few techniques including visualisation/Vision Boards, gratitude, affirmations, wishlists and intentions. For more on some of these techniques you can read my post on the Law of Attraction (LOA):

I've had the most success with lists/writing things down. In 2009 I wrote a Life List (inspired by Celestine Chua's Bucket List article). One of the things I wrote down was "Try root beer". I didn't think I would get to try it till I went to America (I'd like to visit America one day) because I didn't think they did it in the UK. But a few days after I wrote it on the list, one of my friends on Facebook wrote that she had some and it was from a shop near me, so I got to try it! I ended up not liking it very much but at least now I know what it tastes like! lol.

Then in 2012 I wrote a list of 10 things I wanted to manifest in a week. It was a suggestion on the Live A Life You Love site ( One of the things I chose was a yellow Mini because Minis are my favourite cars and I decided to pick a yellow one because I didn't see them very often. Within a few hours of writing it down I had seen one and I went through a phase of seeing quite a lot, sometimes 2 or 3 a day! On my list I wrote "x4" next to "A yellow Mini", so I think I ended up seeing 4 during that week. I still sometimes see 1 or 2 a day now. I took the picture above the other week as part of the I Believe in Magic Summer Sampler session.

I manifested one other thing off that list in the week, an iced coffee. But I think I just went and got it, it wasn't free or anything, so not sure if that really counted! lol. And two other things manifested eventually. So it was 2 out of 10 during the week and 4 out of 10 altogether.

In November last year I created a list of treats I wished for. I got the idea from this Facets of Joy article:

The treats were both "Energetic" and "Physical". By February I'd received 6 out of 11 items on the Physical list, including a new CD player, a £25 iTunes voucher (which I got for free with points from Maximiles), a top I wanted and new slippers. I did have problems with the CD player though, I kept buying ones that didn't work properly. I finally bought one from Argos that worked ok. The Energetic list is harder to measure because with physical items you've got something right in front of you, so you know if you've got it or not whereas with the energetic it's about how you want to feel.

Another item was a BlackBerry and I bought one in March, for a cheaper price than I thought I'd have to pay. I also have a Vision Pad (like a Vision Board but a pad of paper) and a BlackBerry was in there. It had been in my pad since November 2010 (the phrase "Own a BlackBerry") and more recently I cut an actual picture out and stuck it on another page. I started saving up to get one. I think it was towards the end of last year; before that I saved up for a PS3. I wanted a coloured one (not just black or white) and I also wanted to get one on the Vodafone network because I was already on it with my other phone and I like it. I ended up getting a violet BlackBerry Curve 9320 on Vodafone, although I couldn’t find many in different colours when I was looking before. It was £59 from Sainsbury's (£61.50 with postage).

I have manifested more physical things like an iPod and a PS3, items that I put on my Vision Pad and my Life List. In my experience it has been easier to manifest smaller, physical things but bigger things like relationships, travel, career etc have been harder.

I have also sometimes just said things and they've manifested, like I mentioned films and they came on TV. Once I said that if the Law of Attraction was real, then I wanted a certain film to come on in the next couple of days. It didn't happen in the next two days but a few days later it was on! And I've had questions answered, like wondering if the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil had a video for their End of Time song and then the video showing up in my Inbox as a YouTube recommendation!

I would recommend making lists and/or writing things down as a good method. Also Vision Boards/pads/Pinterest boards (however you want to do it). There are a variety of techniques which is good because if some don't work for you then you can try others. :)  I might do another post on more techniques later. For now here are some links for more information:

Deliberate Receiving article on visualisation:

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*Raising your vibration helps you to feel better and feeling better helps you to manifest what you want.

Live A Life You Love post on intentions:

And on gratitude:

Good Vibe Blog (This is one of the places I discussed manifesting methods):

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Hope you find this post and the links helpful! :) What are your favourite manifestation methods?

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