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Dealing with Manifesting Fears

So when you get into the Law of Attraction (LOA)/manifesting, you do it because there is something you want to manifest and you want to improve your life. I think that the big thing some people struggle with (including me) is believing that things are really possible. But what about when you start to manifest and it brings up fears? Maybe you find that you're afraid of getting what you want.

I've found that I have seen changes in my world but I've also become afraid once I've seen them because, while I really want to manifest things, I'm also scared of the changes they will bring. I think quite a few people have similar experiences. My fears are around relationships currently. Someone else's might be work/career, family, travel, moving house etc. You have thoughts like,  "Can I really handle this?", "What does it mean if it REALLY comes true?",  "How will my life change once it's here?" or "But what if I just can't do it??". I believe that this is part of the reason why we tend to have trouble manifesting "bigger" things. Getting a new games console didn't massively change my life (I manifested a PS3) but a new relationship will! Same goes for a new job, having a baby or travelling the world. I think a lot of us struggle with this thinking, so that's what I'm going to focus on today.

I'm not an expert on this at all because I'm working through it myself, so I'm going to share some links with some tips and advice that I've found helpful.:)

In February there was a great post from Connie Chapman about why it's ok to be scared sometimes. That was in the email newsletter, I don't think it's on the blog but here is another post of hers about healing and releasing fear:

It's good for fear in general, not just around manifesting. Also I'd recommend Gabrielle Bernstein's books May Cause Miracles and Miracles Now, they offer techniques for dealing with and releasing fear. I did the May Cause Miracles program last year and I'm currently working through Miracles Now.

I really liked this article on Stretch + Bloom about how there's more to vision boards than you might think:

Now, I wouldn't say that they don't work, it's more that you use them as a tool to align yourself and then you're inspired to take action. But people have different theories on this. I believe that they can work in the form of bringing things in without doing a specific action as well, like randomly hearing from somebody in relation to something you've been wanting after you've used a manifesting tool/s. The message of the article is basically that using LOA doesn't mean you just look at vision boards and that's it, it also involves doing inner work. Dominique (blog owner) also makes an interesting point about how using tools such as vision boards can work but if you have a lot of resistance to change, you could hit obstacles. So it's important to work on your fears and doubts.


Update 19/8/21: Deliberate Receiving is now Melody

A site that I always reference is Deliberate Receiving because I find it a very good resource. Here's a post on how to stop panicking about change:

In Boni Lonnsburry's book The Map she talks about working with your child and adolescent selves (also young adult) because they could be holding you back due to their beliefs. They might think that you won't be able to handle your dream. Boni gives you exercises for connecting with your past selves, reassuring them and giving them what they want. I've done the exercises a few times and found them helpful. I can't find an article on Boni's website that specifically describes the exercises but this page has a brief bit of information (under the question about working with your child, adolescence and/or adult self):

I'll finish with another post on how to cope with change, this time from Life Made To Order:

I hope you enjoyed the post and it was helpful. :) Have you had any fears come up while manifesting? How did you cope with them?

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