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Law of Attraction (LOA) 2.0

Back in 2013 (7 years ago this month!) I wrote an introductory/basic post about the Law of Attraction (LOA for short). You can read that here:

Since then I've written a few more posts on the Law of Attraction/manifesting. You can find a round-up of posts up to April last year in this LOA Round-up post:

I first got into LOA about 10 years ago. I had heard about it before then because in 2008 I started a "Vision Pad" (like a vision board and I wrote a Life List in 2009, but I didn't really get more into it until 2010, after reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I started more actively working with it in 2011. I have manifested smaller things, but as I wrote in the LOA Round-up post I don't have any big success stories like some people do and have often felt like a "failure" in general. 

I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction as time goes on, but there are still some things I don't understand, such as why "bad" things happen. It's hard to understand why we would have attracted something like the coronavirus for example. Melody Fletcher has a video and post on this if you're interested:

Please note that I'm not saying that this explanation is 100% right, or that I agree with it completely. You'll probably find that it resonates with you or not. I won't be covering this subject myself because I honestly don't understand it, but I hope it helps you, at least in a small way. :)

I've seen some changes since getting into the Law of Attraction, such as losing weight in recent years and I've been working on my mental health and feeling better, and expanding my social life. However, I feel that my mental health has been worse in recent months. In fact, I've been struggling since last summer and autumn really. But I feel like writing more about LOA and felt like it was time to revisit the subject and go deeper. 

Note: It's a very difficult time right now with the coronavirus and lockdown/quarantines etc., plus all the unrest due to the killing of George Floyd and the current racial climate. So, you may find you can't concentrate/don't resonate with the Law of Attraction right now. If that's the case then just come back to this post as/when you want to. :) You might find my posts about when you're struggling and feeling low helpful:

My results with LOA include seeing yellow Minis (manifesting exercise)*, being in a music video (for my dance group), and getting an iPod, PS3 and a BlackBerry. I wrote more about these things in this post about manifestation methods:
Also buying perfume at a cheaper price and going to The Grand hotel. The Grand had actually been on my Life List (like a bucket list) for about 10 years before it manifested! 
So it seems to have mainly worked for me for smaller things (like physical items that once felt out of reach), and then for experiences. I still experience blocks on "bigger" things such as going on holiday and a romantic relationship. I'm grateful for the things I wanted that came true though. :)

*Note: There is also something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS)  (a bundle of nerves in our brain stem) which basically means you see more of what you're focused on. E.g. If you're pregnant or planning to be, you might start suddenly noticing all the pregnant women around. Or you might start seeing lots of yellow Minis if that's what you're focusing on! This would be a more "scientific" explanation, I suppose, but the basic idea is the same as the Law of Attraction. Visit this post to read more about it:

Taking a closer look at LOA

The idea is that LOA is a universal law that works for everyone. However, what some of these books and sites/blogs etc. don't take into account is that we don't currently live in an equal world. So, some people unfortunately deal with injustices and hardships that others don't, due to their skin colour/race, sexuality, mental health issues, lack of money, etc. We're encouraged not to focus on negatives but we can't completely ignore these things because they all tie into the results you'll get when working with the Law of Attraction. So, because we're all different, it won't necessarily come out the same. Someone like me who is mixed race (black and white) and has anxiety and depression, could try a certain technique but not get the same results as the person who created it, because we're experiencing the world in a different way. And also, we all have certain limiting beliefs that could be holding us back.

So, I'm not saying that I, or others, can't manifest, just that everyone's journey is different and some people have may have more things to deal with than others. Hope that makes sense. These can be quite difficult issues to talk about, but I believe it helps in the long run. :)

Rebecca Borucki has a good post on manifesting and privilege if you'd like to read more:
And Dominique of Brown and Bendy has a video about black people using the Law of Attraction:

Also, if you're dealing with mental health issues you may struggle. I have depression, anxiety and OCD and the thing that I find is that I go through phases of being in a "low vibration" a lot of the time, i.e. feeling down. And with having anxiety and OCD I then can worry that I will cause "bad things" to happen! I've previously written a couple of posts about manifesting and mental health which explore these issues. You can view them at the links below: 

You could also run into problems due to past life issues or soul contracts, but I don't know a lot about these, so won't be going into that today. Perhaps in a future past when I have more understanding! :)

A basic "formula" for LOA is Ask, Believe, Receive (popularised by The Secret film and book by Rhonda Byrne) ; and Ask, the answer is given, receive/allow (from the book Ask and It Is Given by Abraham Hicks). You can read more about these concepts at the links below:


However, it doesn't seem to be quite as simple as that, because if it was there wouldn't be a need for all these teachings on the Law of Attraction! And as I mentioned, they don't take into account people's different life circumstances. Perhaps if we all had no "resistance" whatsoever it would work that simply.

There are also thought to be 7 universal laws (I was reminded of this while watching a Leeor Alexandra video recently), but the Law of Attraction is the one that gets the most attention in spiritual circles. So, all of these laws are working at the same time. I understand some people may not believe this, but hopefully if you're reading this post, then you're open to the idea. :) Maybe you can maintain a balance between science and spirituality. I haven't studied the 6 other laws in depth but you can read more about them here:

Janah of Spiritually Empowered has a good post about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Polarity (7th law) if you're interested:

So now back to LOA in particular. :)

Back in 2017 I wrote a couple of posts called Design Your Universe. You can see them below:

In those posts I shared two steps that I was finding helpful:
1. Feel better.
2. Change your beliefs and believe that your dreams can come true.
I still find them useful and believe that working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting your dream life (however that looks to you) involves feeling better, and changing your mindset and how you view reality. Ultimately it's about creating change from the inside and becoming the kind of person who has the life you want. This is my interpretation. :)

Note: When I say "changing how you view reality" I'm NOT encouraging you to break with reality. I think some of the Law of Attraction advice can accidentally encourage people to take things too far and become delusional. For example, I'm not suggesting that you spend all your money to act as if you have a "millionaire lifestyle". I'm talking about changing how you look at things (i.e. reframing them in a more positive way) and working towards your desired life- maybe by taking small actions- while accepting your current life. I know that last one can be hard to do, at least for me! I may do a blog post on acceptance in future.
Kailyn Bowman has a good video on ignoring your current reality while manifesting, which I will link to later in this post.

Feeling better/raising your vibration
So first of all, I'm going to take a look at "raising your vibration" which is "LOA speak" for feeling better basically! Raising the level that you're vibrating at.

I wrote a basic post in 2014 about raising your vibration which you can see here:
And here are some more links:

No. 3 in the Mumbles and Things post (directly above) is gratitude. I do find practising gratitude helpful at times and have written about it in the past, most recently in my post called Feeling Low (see Gratitude section):
I also linked to these other videos with tips for raising your vibration in that post:  

5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration (from Dominique of Brown and Bendy):

6 NEW Habits to Raise Your Vibration (Leeor Alexandra):

I also have a section in Part 1 of my Manifesting and Mental Health post:
Acknowledging your emotions
I've come to realise this is an important step. You may be trying to raise your vibration but still feeling down because you keep pushing away your feelings of sadness. You might be telling yourself you "shouldn't" feel that way. But all emotions are valid and we don't need to be frustrated with ourselves for feeling the so-called "negative" ones. Although I know this can be hard! Sometimes I get angry at myself for feeling anxious and stuck in old patterns.

I've written a series of posts looking at various emotions (such as anger, sadness and depression, fear and anxiety, and happiness) and how to deal with, and move through them. It's called Feeling Your Emotions. Here is the intro post:
And you can find them all under the Feeling Your Emotions label here:
Disclaimer: If you are experiencing mental health issues (or physical) please seek help from a medical professional. My posts are not a substitute for medical advice.
Changing your mindset 

I've talked before about changing your mindset to believe you can have what you want/achieve the things you want to, (or maybe more importantly, to believe you are the kind of person who can have/do those things). Here are a few posts on the subject:

And here are a few more resources.

This is a great video from Leeor Alexandra about starting to believe that good things can and will happen for you. It's called Only Good Things Can Manifest Here:
Good post with advice on how to stop worrying:
The post above specifically mentions fear of being "too happy" which I can definitely relate to! If that's also something you resonate with, this is another good post on the subject of being optimistic about your future:
Reminder to not be so hard on ourselves if we're having negative thoughts:
How to Ignore Your Current Reality (video by Kailyn Bowman)
How To Ignore Your Reality and Manifest Faster (Juliet Cleary):
If you find the whole concept of "ignoring" your reality difficult (and as I said above, it's not helpful to completely ignore it), check out the post below for a different approach:
How to Feel Good While Balancing Your Current Reality:

Post about having active faith (believing without seeing):
The post above is from the perspective of magic/witchcraft, but can also be applied to LOA. 

Another Leeor video called Accessing Infinite Potentialities (seeing different possibilities for your life):
Creating the life you want

So, when you're raising your vibration and changing your mindset, you're also working on creating the life that you want. I believe it's also about "holding" the life that you want, once you've created it, you also want to "hold" the vibration of the person who has that life. 

I'm still working on this but will share a few resources I'm finding helpful below: 

Rhiannon Day post with some good questions to ask yourself before changing your life:
Another Rhiannon post on how to change your life:

Post from Malavika Suresh about transforming yourself and your life:
In my LOA round-up post I included a section called Troubleshooting. I thought I'd include a similar one here with some help if you're feeling stuck with manifesting.
If you find that religion is a "block" for you, I just came across this video about the Law of Attraction and Islam:
I'm not Muslim but I thought it would be good to include it for those who are. :)   
So, I hope that gave you a bit more of an understanding of LOA if you're struggling with it. I just find that a lot of these teachings don't go deeply into manifesting and the varied experiences you might have with it. I don't mean to sound too "negative", I just thought it would be helpful to look at some of the things that may hold you back when working with the Law of Attraction/actively manifesting. In my understanding it's about changing your life and creating the one that you want, but also making yourself into the person you want to be. And becoming someone who is capable of "holding" that life. 
On the subject of changing your life and then things going back to what they previously were, an example that's often used is lottery winners. Some people win a lot of money and then their life is changed, but they spend it all and go back to having the amount of money they did before. Other examples could be someone who loses a lot of weight but then puts it on again, or somebody who gets married but the marriage breaks down quickly, and they soon find themselves divorced. So, it seems to me that rather than a "get rich quick" scheme, we're looking for long term, sustainable, positive change. Hope you have found this post helpful. :)
What has your experience been with the Law of Attraction? 

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