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Design Your Universe- Part 1

Note: The title of this blog post was inspired by the symphonic metal band Epica's album!

I've had this post in mind for a while, the basic gist of it but had to put it all together. I've decided to do a series of posts, so here is the first one. :)

Designing your universe

I think this can be a good way to describe the Law of Attraction (LOA). There are other phrases such as "manifesting" and "creating your reality". For a basic explanation of the Law of Attraction you can read this post:

I first became really interested in LOA in 2010 when I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Although I think I had heard of it before then because in 2008 I started a "Vision Pad" (like a vision board), and in 2009 I wrote a Life List (aka Bucket List). I started more actively working it with in 2011. I have seen my life change in some ways, I've lost weight and I am more confident than I used to be. And I have manifested smaller things like a PS3 and a BlackBerry (things that once felt quite far out of reach to me because of the price). But other stuff like a relationship and holidays to Miami and Hawaii hasn't happened (yet!). I suppose the biggest thing I manifested is being in a music video. I'd wanted that for years and in 2012 I was in my belly dance group's music video for a dance called Celtic Star. It wasn't a professional one for a band but I still count it! lol.

I wish I could say, "Here's my success story! I designed a fabulous life and here's how I did it!" lol. I can't do that but I thought it would be good to do a post/s about the process of it all, the work in progress.

When you first come to the Law of Attraction you probably do it because you want to have something (often physical, e.g. a job, a relationship, a car etc.) and/or to feel better. Then if you go deeper it starts to become more than that. I think it's about creating change from the inside and becoming the kind of person who has the life you want. We'll look at processes to help with this later on. :)

LOA links

First here are some Law of Attraction posts that go a bit deeper into things:

Changing your mindset 

I believe this is very important. With LOA one of the first things you learn is that your thoughts create your reality. If you have anxiety (like me) this can be a scary concept! You can start to worry that you'll think the "wrong thing". But I don't think you need to panic because it doesn't mean that you'll have the thought, "What if I get run over by a car?" and then it will happen. The more I've read, the more I've learnt that it's about vibration, your feelings. These posts explain it well:

So if you have anxiety and/or depression, or you tend to think negatively then it can help a lot to change your mindset. The first step would be feeling better. Here are some links to help with that:

My posts:

Then the second step is changing your beliefs and believing that your dreams can come true. (I'm still working on both of these). Here are some more links to help you get started:

My posts on this subject:

Next time I'll talk more about tools you can use. I will just mention affirmations quickly because they can definitely help. Check out this post for more about them:

These are a couple I'm working with at the moment:

I manifest miracles today and every day

My possibilites are endless

And I came across this one on Pinterest the other year and loved it, so I wrote it in a notebook:

Dream. Believe. Create. Succeed.

I'll finish up with this article what it's like when you're changing yourself and your life:

It's a pretty good summary, I think.

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading! :)

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