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My Healing Tools

I've had depression since I was about 14, also OCD and anxiety since around the same time. I got into self help when I was in my late teens/early 20s because I wanted to feel better. I go through phases of feeling better than others and I do feel better now than I did a few years ago. I still struggle though, with having good days and bad days and I'm not at the point where I'd like to be. But some days I feel happier than I did, so that's a positive.

I thought I'd share a few of the things that have helped me, my "healing tools". I hope that someone else will find them useful. :)


I love music. I've been really into it since I was about 12. (Before then I did like it but I didn't listen as much). I think the first single I got was Belinda Carlisle's Love In The Key of C (cassette tape) and the first album I bought was Mariah Carey's Butterfly (tape). The first CD single I bought was Solid HarmoniE's I Wanna Love You. I like different types but my favourites are pop, R'n'B, rap and foreign language like Hindi, J-pop and K-pop. I enjoy listening to music and getting lost in it.

Lots of people recommend meditation as a spiritual tool and to help you relax but I've never been that keen on it. I do meditate occasionally (I recently followed the May Cause Miracles course and meditation was a big part of that) and sometimes I enjoy it more than others but I find it much more relaxing to listen to music.

If you're into music and want to hear some relaxing pieces, I'd recommend Ivo Sedlacek's violin music. Here's Dance of Autumn Lights: Ivo Sedlack- Dance of Autumn Lights

I often post that about music on my  blog Star Sparkle Blog, so check that out if you're interested:

The Law of Attraction

I first became interested in the Law Of Attraction (LOA) about 4 years ago after reading The Secret. Put simply it's a universal law that means you attract everything in your life, good and bad as a result of the things you've been thinking, the beliefs behind those thoughts and the "vibrations" you're giving out. And if you change your thoughts and beliefs from negative to positive you can raise your vibration, which will lead to you feeling  better and manifesting the things you want to have in your life. There's more to it than that though and you're interested in learning more you can visit my post about it:

I've provided links to sites that explain it in more depth. :)

LOA has helped me to feel better and uncover some of the beliefs that have been holding me back. If you're interested in spiritual and self help concepts it's worth finding out more about. :)


I've loved writing since I was a little girl. I like to write stories and I also have a diary (where I write more day to day things, like what I did) and a journal where I write my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I find it useful to "write things out" when I'm upset or angry. And writing can help you to see things clearer. If you like to write I'd recommend having a go at journalling. You don't have to do it every day (I don't), you can just write when you feel like it and write as little or as much as you like.

I've also started writing a daily gratitude list (although I sometimes I miss a day or more I aim for every day) after taking part in the Personal Excellence Gratitude Challenge. People often talk about gratitude lists helping you to feel better. I couldn't really see it before but I've found that it does work. For me personally, the method from The Secret where you write something like, "I am so grateful for my friend coming round to visit", or "I am so happy that I bought new shoes today" feels a bit forced, so I prefer to just write a list of 5 things I'm grateful for. You can use whichever method works for you. :)

I have a monthly list on here too:


Pinterest is a site where you can create boards and "pin" pictures to them. If you're interested in Vision Boards then you can use Pinterest for that, or you can just make boards for anything you want. Popular examples are recipes, inspiration, fashion, celebrities, fitness, quotes and healthy eating.

Pinterest is a lot of fun. I like going on there and pinning things and I also use it for looking over my Inspiration and LOA boards when I'm feeling down. I recently created a Healing board, it hasn't got much on it yet but it has a couple of healing pictures on. You can check it out here:

And here are a couple of my other boards:


Law of Attraction:

Hope that this post was helpful. :)

Photo is Worthing Beach. Copyright Moonsparkle 2010

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