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Lately I've been working with affirmations. For a quick background on them check out my post on the Law of Attraction:

Affirmations are a manifestation technique but they are also used in other self help contexts, such as if you want to feel better about yourself or heal a health condition. So you could use them as part of the Law of Attraction (LOA) to manifest a job, car or partner etc. but you also could use them for self confidence or to heal back pain or a broken leg, help with period pain or toothache etc.

I haven't been that into affirmations in the past, although I have used them a bit (a few years ago I wrote some I read about in the book 21st Century Goddess and left them in random places). Then earlier this year I read Louise L. Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life and worked with some affirmations from that. Also I've been coming across a lot of blog posts about them recently, so thought I'd had a go with doing more affirmation work.

Here are some good affirmation resources. :)

 Louise L. Hay 

I got Louise's You Can Heal Your Life from the library earlier this year and had it out for quite a while, lol. I plan to get my own copy to keep. She also has a workbook that I'd like to get. A technique that Louise teaches is "mirror work" which involves looking in the mirror while saying an affirmation. A couple of examples are saying "I love and approve of myself" and "I am willing to change" while looking in the mirror.

I recommend getting the book (or borrowing it from the library) if you'd like to go deeper into healing work but Louise has some affirmations on her site that you can have a look at right now:

Also here are a few more links from her websites:

Affirmation exercise:

Affirmations for health:

Gabrielle Bernstein

Although I've only been getting more into affirmations recently, I have worked with them a bit as I mentioned before, especially when I've read Gabrielle Bernstein's books. I started with May Cause Miracles in 2014. It's a 6 week programme for feeling happier and changing your life. Gabby gives you one to say every day.*

Here's a link to an article with some from her 2011 book Spirit Junkie:

Sarah Prout

Sarah has a load of affirmations on her site:

And here are a few more which mention how you can use them:

Adventuring Home 

Meg O'Sullivan of Adventuring Home has a couple of good posts on affirmations. Check them out here:

Ones I've been using from her site are:

I am a miracle worker and miracles are occurring all around me.

I am vibrating at the frequency of my dreams.

I've been saying the first one more.

Notes On Bliss

I've also been working with some I got from a free download from Elyse of Notes On Bliss. I received it because I'm on her newsletter but here's a post about beliefs that you could use as affirmations:

Kajal Pandey

Kajal's site is another good resource. Check out these posts: (My favourite is No 2, "My trusts manifests miracles").

She also has a post of self love which includes affirmations:

And watch this video to see her share a mantra you can use:

Kelsey Aida

Kelsey has a great post on affirmations. She also provides you with a free worksheet to create your own. Read her article and get the worksheet here:

 Amy B. Scher

I found Amy's site through Jessica Dimas (I recently bought Jessica's 7 Day Mini Manifesting Bootcamp programme). Amy healed herself from Lyme disease, anxiety and other conditions and shares healing tips on her website.

Here's a post on positive healing affirmations:

I like No. 1 the most, "I am willing to believe in my ability to create healing and happiness".

You can also download a booklet about making affirmations work for you.

How to use affirmations

Saying them out loud every day is a good method. You can also write yours down and place them where you'll see them often. I also sometimes write mine out so many times (usually 10 in one go). I've used blue pen for writing some affirmations, an idea I got from D.C. Russ of (I think it was in one of his manifestation e-books). He said that writing something in blue ink makes it more powerful. I don't know if that's true but I thought I'd give a go and I normally write with a black pen anyway, so it makes a change, lol. I did use blue ink to write a car manifestation list recently because my family were looking for a new car and then we found one that day. (We're now having problems with that car but I'll save that story for another time!).

As I mentioned above Louise suggests saying your affirmations while you look in the mirror but just do whatever you feel is best for you. :)

A lot of them start with words like "I am", "I allow", "I create", "I feel" etc. but you can use any words really. :) Some people tell you to state them in the positive and say the opposite of the thing you want to change but there are others where you state what you want to let go of, e.g. "I release all stress and worry now".

I used Kelsey Aida's templates for creating some of my own and also Amy B. Scher's suggestions. Below are some of mine. I've written some on paper and am keeping them in a folder and others are in notebooks. Feel free to use any you resonate with. :)


I AM comfortable
I AM relaxed
I AM peaceful
I CAN manifest my dreams
I DESERVE to feel good in my body and I ACCEPT it now.

Letting go:


(I've written some in capitals, depending on what I feel like doing).


I am willing to feel better in my body
I am willing to feel peaceful in my body



I allow myself to experience mutual attraction with a man

I choose to allow a man to get close to me

Note: These last two are good if you've been having trouble manifesting a relationship and find that you have one sided attractions (or either side) and/or you struggle with commitment and/or being vulnerable. Of course you can change "man" to "woman" depending on your preference. :)

Also got to mention one of my favourite resources, Pinterest! lol. It's really good for pinning affirmations too. There are lots on there, especially if you search for Louise Hay and Gabrielle Bernstein. Also look up Emmanuel Dagher.

Here are a couple of my boards:



I hope this post was helpful!  If you work with affirmations what has been your experience? Have they helped you? Thanks for reading. :)

Photo: Worthing Beach. Copyright Moonsparkle 2016.

*For more Gabrielle Bernstein books visit my Resources page.

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