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Letting Go of 2019 + Starting a New Decade


We're at the end of another year. As I've said before, it seems to come round quickly, those last few months from September to December seem to just fly by! The past couple of years I've written posts about letting go of the year. You can read them below

Letting Go of 2017: https://fallingpetalsuk.blogspot.com/2017/12/letting-go-of-2017.html

Letting Go of 2018: https://fallingpetalsuk.blogspot.com/2018/12/letting-go-of-2018.html

I write mid year reflection posts as well, and it's already 6 months since I wrote this year's. Now it's time for the post about letting go of 2019 and getting ready for 2020. As with the past posts, I started writing this a few days ago and now I'm finishing it on New Year's Eve. We're also entering a new decade, so I'll reflect on that too. :)

If you follow numerology, 2019 was a 3 year, so 2020 will be a 4. It will be about dedication and building foundations for the coming years.

My personal year number this year is a 7, so 2020's will be 8. 7 is about learning and reflection. I have been learning and reflecting but I'm not sure if it was that accurate, because I have been more social this year with Meetup groups. 8 is about attainment of goals and I hope that's true! I use the book 21st Century Goddess for information about my personal year number but there are plenty of resources online. In last year's post I lined to Kari Samuels' site where you can find your number.

Visit these posts for more on the numerology of 2020:

Also contains info for personal year numbers: https://numerologist.com/numerology/2020-numerology/


Reflection of 2019

2019 has been an up and down year and I think many other people also struggled this year. I felt quite down for most of the year and went through a depressive period around October. As I've mentioned, I have depression and anxiety and find that sometimes one is worse than the other. I wrote monthly updates over on my other blog The Seasonal Life (where I write about festivals and seasonal living). You can read them up to November here (I haven't written December's yet): https://livingseasonal.blogspot.com/2019/11/november-update.html

I took anxiety and depression courses with Recovery College and also went to some bullet journalling sessions at my local mental health centre but they stopped about the middle of the year, I think. Social life wise I've attended quite a lot of Meetup events this year and I also did two belly dance workshops.

Here on Falling Petals I continued my Feeling Your Emotions series with posts on shame and "neutral" (an in-between post about being in between "positive" and "negative" emotions). I plan to  move on to the emotions that are thought of as more positive next, starting with happiness And I also wrote posts about feeling like a "loser" and when you're struggling.

And after not feeling very inspired to write about the Law of Attraction for a while, I did several LOA posts during 2019- LOA Round-up, Manifesting and Mental Health- Part 1 and Manifesting and Mental Health- Part 2. I also wrote about going for afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel in Brighton, something that had been on my Life List (like a Bucket List) since 2009!

On a wider scale things in the UK have continued to be unsettled with Brexit dragging on and another terror attack on London Bridge this month. There was a general election last month ad the results were disappointing for some of us, with the Conservatives getting in again. On a more positive note, May saw the birth of baby Archie, the first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He is very cute and I think it's great to have our first direct mixed race royal in a long time. :)

Reflection of the last decade

In 2009 I was just coming out of a bad anxiety time. I then experienced what I believed to be a soul connection. I don't want to write much about that now, but maybe I will in future. :)

I stated celebrating the sabbats (seasonal festivals) in August 2010 which has helped me feel a deeper connection to the world. I write about that on my blog The Seasonal Life.

I first started blogging in 2011, I set up my entertainment blog Star Sparkle Blog in April that year. I then started this blog in February 2013 and The Seasonal Life in July 2013. I post most often on my  Star Sparkle Blog and also once a month or more on The Seasonal Life. And here on Falling Petals I post once or twice a month. Blogging has given me something to focus on and also helped me to express myself, and grow more confident in sharing things.

In the last decade my grandma and my dad died (I wasn't close to him but we were in touch) and I also lost both my cats :( On the opposite side of the scale I  made new friends and family connections. I've had many disappointments but I've also had good surprises and things working out. So this whole decade has been a mixture of things. I expect it's been similar for a lot of people.

Check out 2017 and 2018's posts for a few links on reflecting on your year. Also here are a couple more links:

Reflecting and planning for the new year: https://www.thetexmexmom.com/reflecting-planning-for-new-year/

Ideas for reflection on the old year and welcoming in the new: https://enlightenedwitch.com/2019/06/30/a-witchs-new-year/


I've  covered the subject of releasing your year in the past two posts which you can read here and here. Here are a couple of new links to help you let go of things:

8 Things to Leave in 2019 for a Successful, Abundant and Happy 2020 video by Leeor Alexandra:

Sarah Prout post on 7 ways to release and honour the past and move forward: https://sarahprout.com/7-ways-release-past-move-forward-new-decade/

10 Things to let go in 2020: https://www.thirteenthoughts.com/things-to-let-go-of-in-2020/

Things mentioned in the Thirteen Thoughts post (last link) that I would especially like to let go of are self doubt and judgement. Comparison too.


In the 2017 post I wrote about resolutions, goals and intentions and the difference between goals and intentions. Also about choosing a Word of the Year. See last year's post for a bit more on these subjects as well.  In 2017 my word was "Connection" and I felt that I did make some nice connections. 2018's word was "Love" and while I didn't experience romantic love in my life, I felt love through family and friends, and positive connection.

For 2019 I chose two words, "Magic" and "Miracles". I don't really feel that things worked out that way because I struggled quite a lot this year. So I'm not sure if I'll be choosing a word for 2020. I'll see what I feel like. :)

For more on resolutions/goals and choosing a Word of the Year check out these posts:

The Thing About Resolutions:

8 Ways to Succeed with your New Year's Resolution:  https://www.thewellandbalancedmom.com/8-ways-to-succeed-with-your-new-years-resolution-for-real-this-time/

My Word of the Year for 2020 (Blessing Manifesting):  https://www.blessingmanifesting.com/2019/12/my-word-of-the-year-for-2020.html/

Resolution ideas: https://www.theconfusedmillennial.com/list-new-years-resolution-ideas/

Now here are a few more links with New Year inspiration:

Sarah Centrella LOA themed post about changing your life in the next decade:   https://www.sarahcentrella.com/post/where-were-you-a-decade-ago-where-will-you-be-a-decade-from-now

Kris Carr exercise where you write a letter to your future self:  https://kriscarr.com/blog/letter-to-my-future-self/

I haven't tried this but i may do some form of it.

Leeor Alexandra of Living Lovelee just posted this video on 8 ways to improve your life in 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV_ADC_kqlY&feature=youtu.be

Hope this post gave you some ideas for letting go of your year/decade and preparing for a new one. And hope you had a good Christmas/other festival if you celebrated. Thank you for reading my blog and look forward to posting more in the new decade.

How was your 2009- 2019? Happy New Year! :)

Photo: Buckingham Park, Shoreham-by-sea. Moonsparkle 2019. 

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