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Feeling Your Emotions- Anger (Part 2)

In February I wrote my first post on the Feeling Your Emotions series on the subject of anger. You can read the Introduction post here:

I decided to write two posts on Anger and you can read Part 1 here:

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, so if you're having mental/physical issues please seek medical help in addition to reading this. :)

In the first post I wrote about anger itself and how suppressing it can be bad for you. I also talked about accepting anger. This post will focus more on releasing it. It's taken me a while to get back to this, since, as I said in my first post, I don't think anger's an easy subject to talk/write about. But I'm trying my best. :)

First of all, here is a good article I've found about anger management:

It focuses on anger prevention by identifying the things that trigger you and make you angry and then dissolving them. The author Gary van Warmderdam, says that false beliefs are what cause patterns of anger. He does offer the Self Mastery program if you want to go further. You have to pay for it but you can sign up to get a free sample. (I did the free version a few years ago and I think it's time for me to review it.)
A method that Gary has for managing anger is taking an inventory of your beliefs. You can find a link to that article here:

For more on beliefs, in particular from a Law of Attraction (LOA) perspective, visit this post I wrote in 2015:

If you're unable to work with your beliefs just now. I would suggest going back to trying to accept your anger (see first post). I personally have felt angry at myself for being stuck in the same old patterns with health anxiety, and always worrying. But it doesn't do any good to get angry at myself. So this is something to work on myself.

Next this is an NHS article on controlling your anger:

Releasing anger

Louise Hay (best known for the popular self help/spiritual book You Can Heal Your Life) suggested releasing anger by physically letting it out, using methods such as punching a pillow or screaming and shouting. (Obviously in a safe environment.)

As I mentioned in my first Anger post, Melody Fletcher also has a process for releasing anger in her book Deliberate Receiving. It's about the Law of Attraction but I think it's a useful read for anyone interested in looking at and dealing with their emotions. In that post I linked to some of her articles on releasing anger.  Here's a post by Melody on Heal Your Life (Louise's site) on 3 ways to release anger:

And here are some more of Melody's posts on that subject:

Video on anger release:

In Part 1 I linked to Celestine Chua's anger series on Personal Excellence. Here's the link again for the first post and the rest of the series:

Now I'd like to focus specifically on Part 3, where Celes writes about she let go of her anger:

She also mentions becoming aware of triggers, which is what Gary says in the Pathway to Happiness Anger Management article. She looked at the root cause of her anger, then worked on her inner wounds.

Celes also shares her guide to dealing with anger which you can read here:

Here are a few more posts about letting go of anger:

From a Taoist perspective:

Releasing through mindfulness:

This is aimed at men but it's probably worth everyone having a read:

Relating to women and anger but an interesting read for anyone:


Summing it up

I hope this post was helpful and that you're able to find some value in the links provided. As I said in my Disclaimer, if you have serious anger issues I'd advise you to see a doctor/and or therapist because I'm not qualified, I'm just exploring anger from a layman's (or laywoman's!) perspective. :)

One more thing I wanted to add is when looking at anger, the subject of forgiveness comes up. I've struggled with that but I know it will benefit me to forgive both myself and others. Here are a few links on forgiveness:

That it's for now! Next post will probably be on the subject of sadness. Might do a separate one for depression.

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