Sunday, 19 October 2014

Raising Your Vibration (Or Feeling Better)

I've been reading a lot lately about raising your vibration. It's something that's talked about in relation to the Law of Attraction. A basic explanation of the Law of Attraction (also known as LOA) is that it's a universal law that means you attract everything in your life, good and bad as a result of the things you've been thinking, the beliefs behind those thoughts and the "vibrations" you're giving out. And if you change your thoughts and beliefs from negative to positive you can raise your vibration, which will lead to you feeling better and manifesting the things you want to have in your life.

So you raise your vibration so you feel happier and once you feel good then the things you want will come to you. I did a post last year about LOA which you can read if you're interested:

Also here's another one about manifestation methods:

The idea of raising your vibration is about doing things that you enjoy and make you feel good. Once you're in a "better feeling place" as it's called, then you can manifest the things you want. But I think that regardless of whether you want to manifest stuff or not, it's a good idea to do things that make you feel better. For a more in depth look at what raising your vibration means, check out these posts on Deliberate Receiving:

Update 28/2/19: Now (This explains the basics)

And here's another post about feeling good from Life Made To Order:

I wrote about something similar to this in my post Healing Tools. The things that I use to raise my vibration are similar to my "healing tools" because it's all about feeling better. My main methods are music, LOA, writing and Pinterest. I'm also going to add more things to the list in this post though and talk about actively using methods for raising your vibration. :)


As I mentioned in the My Healing Tools post, I really love music. I listen to it a lot. I like CDs best (although they're becoming outdated now, lol) and also really like my iPod Shuffle. So if I'm feeling down I often listen to a CD or my iPod. I also visit YouTube and Spotify a lot. Music can really affect your mood. If you feel like something really upbeat you can listen to pop or if you feel like something melancholy you can listen to gothic metal/rock, lol. (Or whatever fits your mood). You can make a playlist of songs to help you chill out or cheer up. I have both a Chillout and a Pick Me Up CD.


I love reading as well. I like different types of books but my favourites are horror, short stories and books set in Asian countries (like India, China and Japan). A few years ago I got into teen supernatural fiction, lol. Books are good because if you're feeling anxious you can distract yourself by reading. I find it comforting sometimes to re-read a favourite book. With the library it's easy to access free books. When I was younger you used to be restricted to 4 a ticket but now it's something like 21! lol.

Self Help

I've been reading self help books and websites since I was a teenager. I started out looking for help with depression and OCD but then I got into personal development. If you're feeling low it can help you to find books and sites that suggest solutions and different ways of thinking.

Here's a list of my Top 10 Self Help/Personal Development blogs:

The Law of Attraction (LOA)

I first became interested in the Law Of Attraction about 4 years ago after reading The Secret. I've found that it's helped me to feel better in myself and work on some of the beliefs about myself and my life I didn't know I had. I have manifested some small things but I wouldn't say LOA has made everything wonderful for me. I believe that it works (obviously, since I'm basing this post on it, lol) and if you're interested then you should look more into it. :) But it's not a complete solution (at least not for me). I suppose nothing is really. However, even if you don't believe at all, I think you can still get some use out of this post because it's about feeling good, which is something most of us want to do. :)

Here are some of my favourite LOA books:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Power by Rhonda Byrne

The Map by Boni Lonnsburry (Live A Life You Love)

Ask and it is Given by Abraham Hicks

And sites:

Deliberate Receiving  (Now Melody Fletcher)

Live A Life You Love

Good Vibe Blog

Life Made To Order


I've been writing stories since I was little and I still like to write them now. I also have a diary and a journal, the diary is about what I did and the journal is more about thoughts and feelings. It helps me to "write my feelings out" and I enjoy writing stories as well because I can write about whatever I like. I also do exercises that I find on self help and LOA sites and make up my own. If you're into writing, I recommend it as a way to raise your vibration. Write about whatever subject you like and in a format that you want and see if it helps you. :)


I've been using Pinterest a lot lately. It's a site where you create boards and "pin" pictures to them. You can make boards for different subjects like recipes, inspiration, fashion, music, TV etc. I've made two boards for Inspiration and one for LOA and I like to look at them when I'm depressed. Sometimes I find that I can't concentrate properly on reading self help blogs or emails but I feel more like going on Pinterest and looking at quotes and pictures on there. Here are the links for my boards:


Inspiration 2:

Law of Attraction:

And if you don't feel like creating boards with quotes you can just make ones for beautiful pictures. It can make you feel better just to look at pretty photos. I have a board of beautiful landscapes:

And a new one called Beauty and Peace:

Pinterest can also be used for manifesting in particular, you can create a Vision Board.

Funny Things

Laughter is meant to be good for helping with stress and lifting your spirits in general. If I'm feeling depressed and want to watch something that's funny but doesn't require too much concentration, I sometimes watch the Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle. I have a post about it on my other blog which you can read here:

The other Japanese gameshow Unbeatable Bansuke is another good choice.

I like comedy shows such as The League of Gentlemen, Gimme Gimme Gimme and That Mitchell and Webb Look. And I went through a phase of watching clips from the Nicholas Cage film Vampire's Kiss. It's just so bizarre that it's funny! lol. This video is a compilation of some funny scenes:

Hope you found the post useful. What methods do you use to raise your vibration (or just feel better)? :)

Photo: Mill Hill, Shoreham-by-sea. Copyright Moonsparkle 2014.


  1. Love this post so much! You give so many great tips and resources. Thank you so much for linking up to my site and suggesting it to your readers. I usually get notified of that but I didn't, wonder why. I particularly loved your suggestion about funny things--nothing can raise our vibe more than a nice laugh!

    1. Hi Kelli, thanks a lot for your comment. I'm glad you like the post! You're welcome, I enjoy reading your site and find it a good resource, so I thought I'd recommend it. :) I'm not sure how it works about being notified but glad you found it anyway, lol. :)

      Thanks, it can really help to focus on something funny if you're feeling down.