Monday, 16 March 2015

The Love Project- Self Love/Romantic Love

I kind of abandoned this series because I didn't know what else to do on it. But I think the time is right to take it up again. I'm going to keep exploring self love and romantic love because I feel there's more to say. :)

The more I learn on my journey to the kind of relationship I want, the more I see that it's about being whole first and coming into your own as a person. It's also about being ready for the kind of relationship you want and about receiving it in.

I thought I would share some articles I found.

First up is an article on feeling deserving of love and self love:

I've come to see that self love is very important. If you love and respect yourself and don't treat yourself badly, then you won't put up with any bad treatment from others because you know you don't deserve it. You know that you deserve love and respect and you know that you are a worthy person.

Here's another article from the same site (Positive Provocations) about ways to start loving yourself:

And here are a couple of posts on love and being whole and complete in yourself whether not you have a partner:

I think these things are also important to know.

I'll round it off with an article from Shelly Bullard about how you are actually "The One" that you're looking for.:

The meaning is that once you've found and accepted yourself then you will be ready for a relationship with another person who is right for you. Now I have to say on this subject that I don't know if finding and accepting yourself is something that will, or can be done straight away. Obviously it's great if it is. But it can lead to thoughts of, "I have to do this now or I'll never find the right person for me!!".

I prefer to think of it more as a journey, if you start it now then you set it in motion and this may lead to you finding another person who is right for you and then you can learn and grow together.<3

I hope you enjoy the articles and find them helpful like I have. :)

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