Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Love Project- Self Love/Romantic Love

I've got really behind with this, sorry about that! Here is the next post. This one is a crossover from Self Love to Romantic Love.

First up a couple of posts focusing on self love.

On being happy with who you are:

Here's another about becoming the person you want to be:

And then here is a post about whether you're looking for a relationship to complete yourself.  I've often heard it said that you should be complete by yourself and not rely on someone else to complete you. So the idea is that rather than being two halves of a whole with someone else, you're two wholes coming together.

Some people say that you don't need a relationship at all but my personal opinion is that it's a perfectly natural to want a romantic relationship, just like it's natural to want friends and good relationships with your family. As humans we want to connect with others and obviously the human race relies on people getting together to keep going! But I prefer the idea of two complete people coming together as a whole because if you think you're incomplete on your own, then it makes you a bit desperate and that's not a good thing because it can make you miserable. I believe it's important to be whole and comfortable with yourself because you can't always rely on other people.

Check out the article here:

Here is a post on Twin Flames (a Twin Flame is a person said to be the other half of your soul but this site has a different view):

Also I recently finished the Connection, Possibly and YOU program with Adrienne Martin. It's the second one I've done (the first was last September and lasted 30 days, this was a 10 day program that ran during this month) and I enjoyed it. I found it really helpful. The course was about deepening your connection to yourself, the world around you and your Divine (whatever that is- God, Allah, gods and goddesses, the universe etc). One of the main messages I took from it is that there's nothing to fix, you're not broken, you are enough and as you continue along the path you become more of who you are.

Adrienne posted daily videos and also did visualisations and meditations, along with a blessing. There is a movement called the Oneness Awakening and the blessing is part of that, it's called a Deeksha Blessing. Learn more about it here:*

So many of us struggle with not feeling good enough, not attractive enough or rich enough or thin enough etc. I think we all need to know: You are enough.

I hope that was helpful. :) I can't really write about any of these things with authority, I'm just sharing what I've learnt and hopefully it will help someone, now or in the future. :)

* Update 25/10/16: The Oneness page isn't there anymore but I'll update if it comes back. :)

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