Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Love Project- Self Love

I'm starting with self love. I really am not an expert on this, I find it hard to have love for myself sometimes but I expect a lot of other people do too. I've been reading some good posts on self love and self worth recently.

First of all I would recommend the posts on A BLOG ABOUT LOVE on the subject of being more vulnerable in order to connect with others. They involve realising that you have self worth, which I've come to realise is very important. I went through a phase of reading the first step over and over and it helped me feel better. Check out my post about the vulnerability steps here:

Also this post about how your worth isn't connected to what food you eat or how much you weigh is very good: (formely A BLOG ABOUT LOVE)

And here's another post about dating and verbal abuse:

Update 1/4/19: Post now found at this link:

The message is that your self worth shouldn't be based on the way someone else is treating you or on whether you're loved by someone else or not. Good message. :)

Here's another good post from Gala Darling:

Finally, I only just came across this blog the other day and found a post on self love: (Link now inactive)

I hope someone finds these posts useful. :)

P.S.I'm signed up to Love Myself, Love My Life, the free self love and acceptance programme that's going on currently. They are broadcasting live calls and replays from self help experts on loving and accepting yourself. Check it out here:

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