Sunday, 21 May 2017


In March I started a series of posts called Design Your Universe about the Law of Attraction. I've written one post so far and you can read it here:

Since then I've been planning to carry on but I've been feeling held back in my life lately by my anxiety, in particular health anxiety. I've started the second post but it's not ready yet, so I thought I'd do this post instead. I'll write about my thoughts on creating the life of your dreams and how you can feel held back by challenges, especially mental health.

A lot of self help and Law of Attraction (LOA) information talks about positive thinking. But it can be really hard to feel positive sometimes due to life events, illness (physical and/or mental) and just the ebb and flow of things. Lately I have been up and down. My health anxiety (HA) had improved a bit but it's got worse again. 2016 was a hard year with various personal things and then 2017 started badly with my girl cat dying. :( I've been trying to feel better but struggling a lot. If you're feeling the same you might want to check out these pages for resources for dealing with challenges and feeling better (both updated regularly):

Resources page:

Helpful Articles Library:

And if you're struggling with HA you may find these posts useful:

I've felt stuck in my life for a long time. In my journey to feeling better and creating my dream life I've explored different subjects such as LOAfeeling better, gratitude, healing your mind and bodyjudgement, possibility, relationships (with yourself, romantic, friendships and family), beliefs and spiritual practices. It's helped me to work through all this by writing and I hope it's helped others too by reading. :) I plan to post more about these and similar subjects in the future.

Another thing that has helped me is magic/Wicca. It first interested me when I was a teenager and since 2010 I've celebrated the sabbats (Wiccan/pagan festivals). It helps me to feel more connected to something. I may write more about the subject of magic in the future, but for now if you're interested in that check out my Resources page (link above) where I list some magic links and my blog The Seasonal Life where I write about celebrating the sabbats:

I'm also currently doing an email course about overcoming any challenge from the website Uncover Your Joy. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, here's the link:

It seems weird that we're almost halfway through the year already! I hope that your year has been good so far and wish you a happy rest of 2017! Hope this post was helpful. :)

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