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Healing Mind and Body

 Last updated: September 2017

I'm currently working on a blog page of articles that I've been finding helpful on my self help/personal development journey so far. (Similar to my Resources page). I intend for it to have quite a few categories and links, so while I'm still working on it, I thought I'd also do a post about healing your mind and body. I'm including Law of Attraction (LOA) links. For more on the Law of Attraction you can read my post about it:

Healing is something I've been working on for years in relation to my mental health, due to having depression, OCD and anxiety since I was a teenager. In recent years I've been trying to eat more healthily and have lost some weight. In books and articles I've read they mention how the mind and body are linked, so I think it's good to take care of both your mind and body.

There are some things I like to do which help with my mental wellbeing:

Reading and re-reading LOA books
Reading blogs/sites
Writing exercises (eg. "body journalling", see below)
Writing stories- I've been writing since I was little and sometimes I find it relaxing just sitting there and writing.

Also check out a post I did a couple of years ago on my healing tools:

Now here are some useful links. I've divided them into categories.


A couple of links on general wellbeing.*


Body Journalling

I tried this exercise recently after reading Louise L. Hay's You Can Heal Your Life book (see below). I just called it "body journalling". Over the years I've had a lot of anxiety over my body which has come out in the form of health anxiety. So I started writing down about how I felt about my body over the years.


Post from Sarah Prout about accepting your body and feeling worthy:

Post from Tammy Stait on redefining your body image:

Louise L. Hay post on positive body affirmations:

An interesting post that gives you a basic intro to self healing:

Post about loving your body:

Post on healing affirmations:

Celestina Chua's (Personal Excellence) body image series:

Post on accepting your body:

Good website that's all about body positivity:

Post about healing your physical body:

Post about releasing guilt about the food you eat (centres on the holiday/Christmas season but good tips for any time of year):


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay (Good for body issues as well as mental ones).

Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson

You are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza

How to Be Well: Use Your Own Natural Resources to Get Well and Stay Well for Life

Mental Work

Links on transforming your life and finding yourself:

Links to releasing limiting beliefs, blockages and fear:


Post about learning how to love yourself:

Post on healing the mental body:

Accepting yourself:


My posts on beliefs/believing (from LOA perspective):

Feeling better:

My post:


Good post if you're struggling to forgive someone like I have been


Opening up to others:

My post:

Self Worth:



List of  anxiety/mental health resources (geared towards teens but helpful for anyone):



Technique for shifting your energy:

Spiritual practice from Rebecca Campbell:*

General healing:


Pinterest is a good tool for making vision boards and creating boards that raise your vibration and help you feel better. so I've included it here. Check out a few of my boards below:




My wishlist (Vision Board):


*Note: Personally I wouldn't be keen to call anything "non-negotiable" because I wouldn't say that you "have" to do anything and for me using that sentence can make me feel like I'm forcing myself to do something. But these are good resources and I thought they might resonate with some people. :)

Ultimately I believe you should do what feels right for you. As I've written before I'm not a huge fan of meditation, although some people say it's the only way you can advance spiritually. But I do believe if you're drawn to doing a spiritual practice then you should do whatever vibes with you. :) I have done some meditations and I tend to get on better with guided ones. I had a go at Rebecca's Light Sourcing meditation in her book Light is the New Black and also the audio one. It's something that I will do again although probably not every day.

Hope you find this helpful. :) I'll update it as I find more useful links.

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