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Healing Mind and Body

 Last updated: February 2019

I'm currently working on a blog page of articles that I've been finding helpful on my self help/personal development journey so far. (Similar to my Resources page). I intend for it to have quite a few categories and links, so while I'm still working on it, I thought I'd also do a post about healing your mind and body. I'm including Law of Attraction (LOA) links. For more on the Law of Attraction you can read my post about it:

Healing is something I've been working on for years in relation to my mental health, due to having depression, OCD and anxiety since I was a teenager. In recent years I've been trying to eat more healthily and have lost some weight. In books and articles I've read they mention how the mind and body are linked, so I think it's good to take care of both your mind and body.

There are some things I like to do which help with my mental wellbeing:

Reading and re-reading LOA books
Reading blogs/sites
Writing exercises (eg. "body journalling", see below)
Writing stories- I've been writing since I was little and sometimes I find it relaxing just sitting there and writing.

Also check out a post I did a couple of years ago on my healing tools:

Now here are some useful links. I've divided them into categories.


A couple of links on general wellbeing.***


Body Journalling

I tried this exercise recently after reading Louise L. Hay's You Can Heal Your Life book (see below). I just called it "body journalling". Over the years I've had a lot of anxiety over my body which has come out in the form of health anxiety. So I started writing down about how I felt about my body over the years.


Post from Sarah Prout about accepting your body and feeling worthy:

Post from Tammy Stait on redefining your body image:

Louise L. Hay post on positive body affirmations:

An interesting post that gives you a basic intro to self healing:

Post about loving your body:

Post on healing affirmations:

Celestina Chua's (Personal Excellence) body image series:

Post on accepting your body:

Good website that's all about body positivity:

Post about healing your physical body:

Post about releasing guilt about the food you eat (centres on the holiday/Christmas season but good tips for any time of year):


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay (Good for body issues as well as mental ones).

Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson

You are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza

How to Be Well: Use Your Own Natural Resources to Get Well and Stay Well for Life by Abby Wynne

How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can by Amy B. Scher

Mental Work

Links on transforming your life and finding yourself:

Links to releasing limiting beliefs, blockages and fear:


Post about learning how to love yourself:

Post on healing the mental body:

Accepting yourself:


My posts on beliefs/believing (from LOA perspective):

Feeling better:

My post:


Good post if you're struggling to forgive someone like I have been:


Opening up to others:

My post:

Self Worth:


Anxiety: (Link redirects to main site)

List of  anxiety/mental health resources (geared towards teens but helpful for anyone):



Technique for shifting your energy: (Formerly Musings of an Earth Angel)

Spiritual practice from Rebecca Campbell:*

General healing:


Pinterest is a good tool for making vision boards and creating boards that raise your vibration and help you feel better. so I've included it here. Check out a few of my boards below:




My wishlist (Vision Board):


*Note: Personally I wouldn't be keen to call anything "non-negotiable" because I wouldn't say that you "have" to do anything and for me using that sentence can make me feel like I'm forcing myself to do something. But these are good resources and I thought they might resonate with some people. :)

Ultimately I believe you should do what feels right for you. As I've written before I'm not a huge fan of meditation, although some people say it's the only way you can advance spiritually. But I do believe if you're drawn to doing a spiritual practice then you should do whatever vibes with you. :) I have done some meditations and I tend to get on better with guided ones. I had a go at Rebecca's Light Sourcing meditation in her book Light is the New Black and also the audio one. It's something that I will do again although probably not every day.

Hope you find this helpful. :) I'll update it as I find more useful links.

** Link gone.

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